Welcome Guardians

I've never had the illusion of anonymity on this platform. On multiple instances I've asked very direct questions that could have only come from a very small group of people. After some gentle, nudging dialogue from my one-star (I promise I was neither ordered nor even threatened), I've decided to gut most of this page... but as I leave, let the record show that it's possible to host a webpage that is accessible on most devices and can provide near-real time status updates to guardians. I'd also like to note that it can be done with a single volunteer in less than three hours. If S1 would like me to genuinely host an updates page in earnest, feel free to DM me at jon110334 and I will provide as much help as is needed and I am capable of providing.

Until next time... Semper Supra!

Chief, I really do love these and couldn't bring myself to remove the links. Chief Towberman's perigee podcasts: